Broadbeach Weekender

Broadbeach Weekender

This is contemporary Australian style at it best.  Extensive use of black and oak to create a strong but clean foundation, a predominately neutral colour palate with strong pops of earthy colour.  The overall ambience is quite minimalist but certainly not without soul.

Minimalism is one of the most difficult styles as there is a very fine line one must be aware of to avoid a sterile atmosphere.   It is through the extensive addition of subtle textures, fabrics and finishes that will help achieve the necessary warmth while still retaining a clutter free character.

It is the juxtaposition of carefully selected furniture items with interesting forms that will keep you on the right track.  How each piece balances and works with its surroundings must be considered.  When less pieces are used, each piece must have a unique character and feel in order to create a full story. 

In this apartment the restrained use of strong colour was key in designing a home that is welcoming and warm.


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