Castlereagh St, Sydney Apartment

Castlereagh St, Sydney Apartment

It is always a pleasure when we get a brief a little out of the ordinary.  Our client wanted a feminine, Parisian pied-à-terre feel for this inner city Sydney apartment.

Classically styled furniture, luxurious fabrics, and crystal were the obvious go-to’s.  The apartment was light in tone so we chose a neutral base with blush accents.  To ensure the overall effect was not overtly feminine we paired it back with black polished timber furniture to create the perfect balance.

The artwork, whist tonal was predominately abstract which we felt further emphasised a sophisticated city / high end hotel atmosphere.  The statement crystal chandelier in the dining room sets the tone of opulence as soon as you walk in, especially at night-time with the backdrop of the city lights.

Personally though, it was the opportunity to design and create amazing bespoke cushions.  We sourced both fabrics and fringing from overseas and layered velvets with linens & silks with textures, creating an overall mood of quiet, timeless opulence.

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