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Stella White Vase 29 cm

Stella White Vase 29 cm

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The Stella vase is a mesmerizing and sculptural piece that embodies the dynamic and graceful motion of a twisting spiral. Inspired by the beauty of fluid movement, this vase captivates the eye and adds a sense of contemporary elegance to any space.

Crafted with meticulous artistry, Stella showcases a unique and captivating design. Its form features a twisting spiral that spirals upwards, creating a sense of movement and energy. The gently textured surface of the vase accentuates the flowing lines, allowing light to play upon its curves and enhancing its visual allure.

Constructed from high-quality materials, this vase is not only a visually striking decorative piece but also a functional vessel for displaying flowers or botanical arrangements. The open top and spacious interior provide ample room for creative floral compositions, while the sturdy base ensures stability and balance.

Our Stella vase serves as a stunning centrepiece, infusing any setting with a modern and artistic touch. Its versatility makes it suitable for a range of interior styles, from minimalist to eclectic. Whether placed on a tabletop, mantel, or as part of a decorative ensemble, it effortlessly becomes a focal point that sparks conversations and adds a touch of sophistication.

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