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Urban Apothecary Diffuser Green Lavender

Urban Apothecary Diffuser Green Lavender

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Hand poured in England by expert artisans, each Urban Apothecary diffuser has been crafted with an enticing blend of fragrance oils, ensuring that the fragrance will steadily infuse your home for up to 12 weeks. Mouth-blown glass ensures the highest quality, and dark reeds perfectly complement each glass vase.

Step straight into the herb garden with Urban Apothecary Green Lavender Candle. Herbal and aromatic, this candle combines floral and fresh notes for a soothing and clean scent. Sparkling lemon balm and fragrant lavender instantly evoke fresh-picked herbs, and refreshing spearmint is tempered by the leafiness of clary sage. A soft base of orris and white musk adds comfort and depth, for a candle that soothes the mood and pleases the senses.

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